Mallory Tai Taylor, 30

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Vice president of strategic initiatives, DAS Health

Mallory Tai Taylor’s goal has always been to find someone to replace her.

She started with DAS Health (formerly Doctors Administrative Solutions) five years ago as a marketing manager. As the company grew, the CEO continued to tap her for different jobs to solve problems.

In 2011, when the company’s net promoter score was low, she decided to start a client services team. Tai Taylor was able to raise the company’s customer service score to exceed levels at Apple, Southwest and Google. Her team helped 400 physicians reach a 99% meaningful use attestation rate to meet electronic health record requirements.

She launched the company’s Revenue Cycle Management team, which now accounts for 25% of DAS Health’s revenue.

She also launched the government affairs arm of DAS, serving as an adviser to the White House Business Council Forum.

As vice president of strategic initiatives, Tai Taylor has led the acquisition of four companies in the past year. The acquisitions increased revenue 224%, gross profit 81% and earnings before interest, taxes and amortization, or EBITA, 307%. She’s also leading the client line in charge of revenue growth, finding more ways to drive inside sales.

Her proudest accomplishment, however, was leading the development of the company’s mental health assessment application, assessURhealth, to help physicians provide support to people with mental and behavioral health issues.

“I believe if you give your team a clear vision and tools to enable” them to complete their jobs, you can trust that they can take it over. 

— Traci McMillan Beach


Name: Mallory Tai Taylor

Age: 30

City of residence: Tampa

Twitter handle: @Mallorytai

Employer: DAS Health

Title: Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Birthplace: Tampa, Florida

Years on the Gulf Coast: 21 years of sunshine!

Marital status/children: Engaged and we have a four-year-old Black Lab/Weimaraner named Louis (“Louie”) whom we rescued.

Alma mater: LSU; Go Tigers!

Best place to network: Anywhere people gather for interesting conversation. I am always intrigued by unplanned networking that happens organically. I have meant some of my best contacts that way.

Coolest business experience: While launching the Government Affairs arm of DAS Health and with the development of assessURhealth, I have been lucky enough to spend time at the White House, with cabinet members and with the 18th U.S. Surgeon General; Dr. Regina Benjamin. Regardless of your political views, it never gets old walking into the White House.

Messy desk or clean workspace: Clean – if I could change OCD to CDO, I would.

Best business lesson ever learned: Pay attention to your competition and obsolete yourself in your current space before your competition does. If you just protect and defend existing services, your competition will woo away your clients with innovations that evolve their business faster than yours.

A website that makes your job easier: I would love to be original, but like most individuals Google really allows me to have access to the industry specific tools that allow me to be increasingly more effective in my role.

Community group you’re most involved with: DAS Community, we choose at least one charity every quarter to provide time, influence or financial assistance.

Favorite off-hours activity: Having stimulating conversation with friends and colleagues over a great bottle of wine with a beautiful view of Tampa Bay.

Two people, dead or alive, you’d like to have dinner with: Darwin & Lucille Ball; wouldn’t that be a lively conversation (pun intended).

What you would be doing if you could pick another career: Psychologist

Top item on your bucket list: An adventure to the Galapagos Islands

Skill you’d like to learn: I would love to be fluent in more worldly languages

Who would play you in a movie about your life: I would be so flattered if Kate Beckinsale would play me, I love how classy, elegant and intelligent she is and yet still manages an element of mystery.

If I had a magic wand I’d: I would love to be able to cure any disease, including mental health, and to stop the stigmas that come along with them.

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